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Rough idle / fuel smell on 98 LS1

This is a discussion on Rough idle / fuel smell on 98 LS1 within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I'm a newbie and this is my first post. I've already learned a great deal from you guys so thanks ...

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    Exclamation Rough idle / fuel smell on 98 LS1

    I'm a newbie and this is my first post. I've already learned a great deal from you guys so thanks in advance for helping with this problem. Here's the scenario:

    New 98 Vette, my first LS1 (70,000 miles)
    -After 5 hour drive home noticed very strong fuel smell in garage.
    -the car has a very intermittent miss at idle, not noticeable in gear, not present all the time
    -No codes whatsoever, had unbiased chevy dealer inspect and run diagnostics prior to purchase
    -great gas mileage
    -Came with nasty air filter, already changed
    -factory airbox keeps coming unlatched while driving
    -At stop signs surrounded by fuel smell
    -Power seems good, but what do I's my first
    -No obvious fuel leaks

    My initial assessment is that it is running rich at idle. So now I ask the experts...Where should I start?

    Thanks again

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    Try cleaning the MAF sensor. It fixed mine.

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    ^^^ Also force a fuel trim relearn by disconnecting the battery and then putting the key to the on position(not start), this will drain any stored energy in the capacitors.

    You clean the maf by spraying the filaments with a non-residue cleaner like contact can get some at radio shack.

    Also check around the injectors for any fuel leaking/puddleing. It sounds like it's just running a little rich though.

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    Is the exhaust stock or does it have aftermarket with no cats?

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    Perhaps previous owner put a choppy cam in it.

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    Thanks for all your replies. The culprit turned out to be a fuel leak underneath the car. Since it only happens after driving, I'm guessing it is a line off of the pump. Any common failure items that can cause this? Cleaning the MAF, replacing a rotted vacuum line, and changing the plugs straightened out the rough idle issue.

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    I had a problem with a fuel filter not being completely attached. I changed it and didn't get it tight enough.

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    I had a problem like that happened to be the back left sparkplug boot came off the sparkplug. It still made contact but barely....It was makin a really low spark and made the engine sound like crap and have a bad misfire at idle. The weird thing was that no check engine light came on either. I was thinkin had a really bad problem but I went through all the basics first....Bought new Wires and sparkplugs and when i went to reach for the sparkplug wire on the sparkplug it came right off.

    I was releive it ended up being something like that....
    Aparently it happens to allot of people, ive heard of 3 or 4 people having this happen to em

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