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Ram Air

This is a discussion on Ram Air within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; i already got the ram air hood on my ws6, but does that fast toys ram air kit improve what ...

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    Ram Air

    i already got the ram air hood on my ws6, but does that fast toys ram air kit improve what i already got? or is that the kit for making a ram air hood? i already got an MTI lid also, but i still need to port and polish my TB and get a bellow/intake

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    the hood has nothing to do with ram air unless you buy the double snorkle kit for the hood. but truthfuly these cars get all there air from undernieth the car.the fast toys will give you lots of air from the ground, its all about cutting the lwr air box soo the air can get scooped in from the undernieth.

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    If you cut the airbox you need to seal the hood to help straighten air flow. Without a WS6/SS hood I recommend it, but not with. Most WS6 owners just seal the hood to the airbox and debaffle it. It makes a very noticeable difference, and pulls in colder air the way it was supposed to. You also don't have the FTRA ductwork blocking part of your air flow for the radiator, A/C, and/or trans cooler. Weatherstripping is popular to use. I'd just seal the hood and spend the money saved on something that would make more power on top of the hood mods, like a TB port & polish or something.

    The BGRA kit sealed the hood to the lid and made great power (track tested to +2-3 tenths and +2-3 mph in the quarter and 5-8% better fuel economy), but is no longer sold. We have to make our own now.

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    bgra was the best kit for ws6's to use but since it's not available now i'd say use the ssra over the fast toys. it has a 2nd lower airbox piece that attaches to the front bumper which should help bring in more air for a few more hp. also its made of plastic not metal so it wont heatsoak on a hot day. check out the 2nd page of my cardomain for pics of it installed.

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