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quick header install ?'s

This is a discussion on quick header install ?'s within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; 1. How did you guys make your own EGR and smog pump block off plates? I know you can buy ...

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    quick header install ?'s

    1. How did you guys make your own EGR and smog pump block off plates? I know you can buy them but I'm putting my headers on this weekend and forgot about them so I'll have to make my own.

    2. Will I have a problem running the car with no rear o2 for a couple miles to the exausht shop?

    3. I'm not sure if they sell them in the parts store or not but I need a set of o2 bungs(I think that the proper term) to weld into my y-pipe so I can hook my rear o2's up. If they don't have them in the store I also know you can just use a nut from the hardware store, anyone know the proper size nut for the 02's to screw into?

    4. Anyone know what gauge wire the o2's sensor wires are? Once again forgot to order the extensions not sure if I will need them or not but if I need extensions I know I can cut and solder some new wire on to extend the o2's.
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    i know you wont have a problem running the car without the 02's installed.. your check engine light will be on, thats it... im in the process of installing headers now too and i feel it might just be easier to buy the extensions etc. and the egr plates will make your check engine light go off too., you'll have to get a tune to delete it.

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    I don't think the 01 LS1's had EGR. But they did have the AIR pump. Not too familiar with LS1 setup, I think you can take off the AIR pump and the hoses and shit. I assume you got the race style headers, so you won't have to block off the AIR fittings on the headers.
    As far as not running O2's, your car may run rough because it doesn't have proper exhaust reading.
    Not sure on the size of the O2 bungs, but SLP sells them. But I don't know if you can pick up the proper ones at a local store.

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    01-02 do not have EGRs. I would suggest making a template from cardboard and cutting it out a piece of atleast 1/8'' and drilling the holes. If you do not want to cut and solder you can look for the bosch o2 sensors, I am not sure what the part number is. If you cut them and solder, do one at a time or mark them to ensure you dont get them mixed up. The rear o2s do not need to be in it if you are not running cats. Since you are deleting your air pump I am assuming youre deleting your cats too. You would just need to get the rears tuned out or get o2 sims.

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