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This reminds me of many so called mechanics that only like to work on Honda's and Toyota's. I took my camaro in to get the plugs changed out and this has happened on last 4 of my camaro's this one being my 5th. ALL have said you have to remove your motor to change plugs the same goes with my headers all have said i have to also remove my motor to install headers. I dont know why or how they come to this conclusion, could be several reason which i have a few in mind but now a days not all but many mechanics like to do the easy jobs and charge more and hate charging more and doing hard jobs. Ive seen kids 17-21 that have more talent then me or most mechanics ive seen do LT headers on there driveway, replace there clutch, cams and so on and would put most licensed mechanics to shame. Find someone else to help you out with the LT install, hell if i was near you i would just come and help you out just for fun because id like to get an idea of how they go on, actually im revising my last comment if there is anyone near my area i live in glendale, ca and is doing LT headers on there car i will be more then happy to come by and help if your doing it on a weekend, dont want money just want to get an idea of how it works and give a helping hand.
You can't beat that.We need more of this all over the board.You help me and I help you.