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    Power Steering Pump Whine

    I have a 2002 WS6. Shortly after I bought it, the power steering pump started to whine and the power steering fluid looked like brown gravy, so I replaced the pump and the pulley. After replacing it, it still whines. It whines when turning either direction, normal turns not even full lock. When the car is cold - no whine, but once it warms up it starts. the whine also gets louder at higher rpms. Any ideas?

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    There is a similar thread up right now. Someone mentioned that it could be the rack causing the issue based upon past experience. I have little faith in most reman parts, so it's possible that the new pump is simply no good. Did you flush all the old "gravy" out of the system and replace it with fresh fluid? After installing the pump, did you bleed the air by raising the front end and turning the steering wheel slowly from lock to lock a couple of times? Are you certain it was the P/S pump causing the whine and not the water pump, idler pulley or such?

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