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Port and Polish

This is a discussion on Port and Polish within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Can some one give me some direction on porting and polishing my throttle body such as what i need and ...

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    Port and Polish

    Can some one give me some direction on porting and polishing my throttle body such as what i need and steps ......i have searched but cant find really any directions

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    a dremel.
    what i did when i did mine was i took a dremal with some 60 grit sand paper bit.
    spin it at whatever rpm you are comfortable with...
    went around it good toook off some material. I took enough off of what i felt comfortable with...but you have to feel of the thickness in some spost it will start to get thin..
    on the back side(intake side) port that also that you can port more there is some metal behind it...then i went over the whole thing with 80-120 grit not taking material off just smoothing it up..

    just where the blade touches the throttle body do not touch it with the dremel..if you do it will raise your air at idle making rpm come up..leave where the blade touchs alone.

    just knock off the sharp edges and take it down some.
    stock can only be ported to 78 i think?
    i could tell in throttle response when i nail it at 40-110

    if you dont feel comfortable dont do it...
    hope it helps you

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    Is that all you have to do. I thought you'd have to get a new blade and what not. I may have to do it this weekend.

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    There is some really good instructions

    Happy Reading

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    i thought this mod was pretty much worthless,....unless you change your intake manifold...?

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    In theory it should be beneficial. Probably more so if you have a camshaft, headers, etc...

    I ported mine last year and ran the car at the track for a comparison, I gained nothing. I really can't notice anything on the street either, and throttle response is about the same. Although my car is still running the stock puny truck camshaft too. It's such a mild change it's difficult to document any improvements.

    I would assume a back to back comparison on a dyno has been done, with and without,,,,and there might be a measurable gain there,,,,in the neighborhood of a few HP depending alot on the rest of the car though. But you won't see 4-5 HP at the track,,,such as in my case.

    Still worth while though I believe,,,,as you install a cam, heads etc....a larger or ported throttle body will start to shine.

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