Well I had fun yesterday. Good thing is I learn to weld finally.

I've been hearing a fluttering for a couple of weeks from my exhaust. Couldn't track it down from the top side. Yesterday raised it up to look underneath. I was praying it was not the O2 sensor that I had just replaced. The codes kept popping up for O2 sensor.

Well I found my flutter problem. My ORy where it meets the Header collector broke a 1" by 1/2" piece off. FFFUUUU!!!!! Lucky my neighbor had a welder and let me us it. After we got it fixed. I then took the time to weld up the rest of the ORY. so that I can get those Ugly U clamps off. They were the cause of the problem. As we all know our exhaust hangs low. Well I guess it took one to many hits and cause the breakage. I also took a scrap piece and made a mount that I welded to the ORY and screwed it into the Tunnel Brace (that's not there) hole. SO far it looks like it pulled the ORY up an inch or two and spots that I normally hit I've cleared. I think I need to put a piece of rubber between the bracket and body. Anyone fab something like this please chime in. I'll have to get some pics latter. Was in a hurry to fix.