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Oil filter size

This is a discussion on Oil filter size within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Some good points there Joshua, but that bit about the larger filter makin the engine lose oil pressure is a ...

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    Some good points there Joshua, but that bit about the larger filter makin the engine lose oil pressure is a bit steep, what would a few feet of plumbing to the remote filter do? wouldn't that be the same thing, as far as i'm concerned if it can fit without clearance issues a larger surface area filter is better for your engine, better flow, better filtration, better filter! I run a remote setup in my hilux with a 1uz-fe 4ltr V8, the lines run from one side of the engine to the other and end up under the front guard infront of the RHF wheel,the filter is a K&n p#3002 the oil pressure hasn't changed at all and cruises at 70psi hot, once again i agree if you havn't got the room, don't run it, but if you have it can only be better for your engine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshuaGrooms83 View Post
    so the only thing you guys are doing is taking a trucks oil filter and putting it on your cars engine. Your cars engine really doent need all that much filtering. proper oil change intervals will keep your cars engine oil clean. The other issue with putting on a bigger filter is oil pressue will drop. And also, clearance issues. Stock ride height might be fine, but on dropped cars, one random item on the road in the right spot has the possibility of denting or even tearing open the filter, OR even worse catching the filter and pushing it up into the block causing god knows what. a remote filter would be a better option.

    That's all speculation.
    'Don't need that much filtering'?!?
    Do you know much detail on how filtering really works?

    I changed to the long truck Wix/Napa filter & the pressure has NOT changed any noticeable amount at all.
    Clearance issues are not an issue at all either. The minimal additional length is not that much that it will catch any road debris more than normal.
    That's a risk that's like going from .0005% to maybe .0007% chance of a piece of road debris denting it.

    Next time, I'll take some photos to show the actual difference.
    The exhaust definitely hangs lower. And that may indeed protect the filter from that .0007% chance of hitting something or getting hit.
    So, get some headers & change your risk to .0003%!!!

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