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Newbie to LS1, need some help...

This is a discussion on Newbie to LS1, need some help... within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hey guys! Im new here, Ive recently purchased my all time dream car, a 2001 Trans Am Ws6!!! Some of ...

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    2001 Trans am WS6

    Newbie to LS1, need some help...

    Hey guys!

    Im new here, Ive recently purchased my all time dream car, a 2001 Trans Am Ws6!!! Some of the mods that have been done to it are:
    -Ls6 intake
    -Exhaust Cut out
    -MSD wires
    -373 rear end
    -SLP ram air intake

    One thing that im having a problem with, the vehicle has rev swings when it first starts up, and when I drive it, it revs up to 2000rpm's when I put in the clutch and come to a stop, after about 30 seconds of idling and staying still (the wheels literately have to be stopped even if im coasting in neutral). It does this a few times throughout each drive until about 20 mins of driving, then calms down.

    I know that it obviously needs to be dyno tuned, but not sure if that is this problem, Id like to get it fixed first, has anyone else experienced something similiar and fixed it?????

    One thing I noticed is that my MAF sensor looks a bit off, its a Delphi, but it has a piggy back connector on it like it was replaced with an aftermarket one? I was thinking maybe it is a Corvette one because of the LS6 intake, im not sure, the part number on it is: 3215967. I was wondering what MAF should I be using, is this the right one does anyone know? It needs to be replaced anyways because it looks like there is a cover missing off it, because there is a gooey rubbery thing on the back.

    One last thing, does anybody know a good tuner any where in either southern Ontario or anywhere within a few hours of the Detroit border, that is an expert in LS1's??

    Thanks guys, sorry for my first post to be a novel begging for help.

    BTW, sweet site!!!!!


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    Look up one of the members on here, his name is Frost. he can tune it or even check the tune in it. As for the the other stuff I am an LT1 guy so GOOD LUCK lol.

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    Welcome!! Be sure to get with Frost and/or get the problem identified before you do anything else. This way everything is working correctly.

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    And the ls6 intake came from the factory on that car.

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    Sounds like you could be having a computer controlled idling issue. Have you asked the previous owner if they modified and programmable chips or installed an aftermarket?

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    Check the MAF. Another member on here as well as myself had an issue with the way the car would idle and it had a slight hesitation.........ended up being that our MAFs were hacked to hell.

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    Is your SES light on?

    Erratic idle could also be caused from a vacuum leak.

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    If he has an aftermarket maf on there, i would suggest tossing it aside and getting a stock unit. Pics of the piggy back?
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    Quote Originally Posted by snowwolph View Post
    Sounds like you could be having a computer controlled idling issue. Have you asked the previous owner if they modified and programmable chips or installed an aftermarket?
    LS1 cars do not have 'chips".
    Amyways, it sounds like you need a tune and i would suggest taking it to a local shop.
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    I would say find a good local ship that does tuning also so they can check parts and the time no need for a dyno tune I actually had my dyno tune deleted and had another tuned fix by just knowing the approx setting and using a wideband to get it perfect and it's much better than my dyno tune was.
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