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New Mods, LS6 intake or not ?

This is a discussion on New Mods, LS6 intake or not ? within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; With all of your advice I was able to get all the parts ready for instalation next week. 99 WS6, ...

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    New Mods, LS6 intake or not ?

    With all of your advice I was able to get all the parts ready for instalation next week.
    99 WS6, M6, 4:10, SLP box,flowmaster. ( stock TB & intake)

    New Mods coming this week:
    Pace Setter LTs, ORY, Comp Cam 228-228 .588-.588, 112 LSA,
    PRC 2.5 heads, ( all necesarry parts & upgrades) and tune.

    Now ... I am not embarresd to say that I am broke !!! But I am thinking of scrapin up some extra cash for the LS6 intake. The Fast 92 92 is where I am going in the future. However, i do not have the $ money now and will probably not turn any bolts for a long time after this. I figure it will be a waist of money to have to retune after the 92 92 gets put on next year or whenever. I was thinking for the time being that the LS6 intake would be a good alternative until then.

    The question is ... is there enough gain to put the LS6 intake on now or should I just waut it out. ( which could be a long time from now).
    I figure I can sell the LS6 when the time comes to put on the Fast products.

    Secondly, is there anything that I need to prepare to put the LS6 on with my stock TB.



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    I would put it on now since your going to have the old one off, also you will get a better tune with it on. as compared to slapping it on at a later date without getting the tune tweaked. Also i wouldnt even waste the cash with a fast, just a ls6 intake will work just fine.
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    The LS6 will shine over the LS1 intake for sure. At the same time, the FAST is going to out perform the LS6.

    Put the LS6 on there since money is tight, it will do ya fine.

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    i'd wait, if you're broke you're broke, you can always upgrade your intake later

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    The LS6 will do great with your setup the Fast is over kill at this point. If you were to spray or go larger cubes ....then go for a FAST. You did not mention what headers you are running.

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