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NEED HELP ASAP...Intake Install Problem (PICS)

This is a discussion on NEED HELP ASAP...Intake Install Problem (PICS) within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I need to have this car up and running by Thursday night for my trip to Gatlinburg, bad planning on ...

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    NEED HELP ASAP...Intake Install Problem (PICS)

    I need to have this car up and running by Thursday night for my trip to Gatlinburg, bad planning on my part. For anyone who can offer assistance your advice is greatly appreciated. I am replacing the knock sensors and broke a couple plastic pieces behind the intake manifold. For times sake, would epoxy/JB weld be sufficient?

    First: This was located just behind the intake manifold and is a connector for only 1 pin (sensor) but I'm not sure what it runs to. Could I just use epoxy to get this black plastic piece to stay put, or should I buy a new one?

    Second: This is the clip for the brake booster vacuum that plugs into the back of the intake. The plastic sensor conector broke and that is all. The pictures show what happened. Could this be epoxied as well or should I completely replace the clip?

    Also, is it essential to replace the gaskets on the intake manifold?

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    If ya broke it you bought it, buy new parts done "rigg" it up bc it will bite you in the ass later
    As far as the intake gasket, yes buy a new one.
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    You broke the oil sensor unit in the back. Just get a deep socket to get it out.

    You shouldn't need new intake gaskets. They are rubber o-rings and should reseal fine.
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    Just helped an intake install on a C5 recently, as stated yea it's the OP sensor unit, deep welled 1-1/16" I believe. That small vacuum hose on the broken part is an absolute BITCH to get back in so just be patient. And gaskets can be reused, my friend bought felpros and used those anyway. After about 5 intake installs on LT1s, the LS1 gasket design on the IM is sheer genious...


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