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Mod Ideas...

This is a discussion on Mod Ideas... within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Alright guys, there are probably a thousand different ways to go on this and i wanna here all of them...I ...

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    Mod Ideas...

    Alright guys, there are probably a thousand different ways to go on this and i wanna here all of them...I am looking to get my car in the 380-430 hp rang and hopefully a little more torque than that. I know nitrous would get me there fairly easy with a few other bolt on parts but thats not the way i wanna go...either bolt on parts, internals, or forced induction (i really like the sts turbo...guy down my street has one and his car hauls some major ass). So there it is, i just want everyones opinion of the most efficient and cost effective way to get that power.

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    assuming you have an ls1, these mods will get you to about 380rwhp. Should fit the bill nicely:

    Longtube Headers
    finish the exhaust however you want
    ported throttle body (I recommend Shaner)
    ls6 intake
    mild cam
    a nice tune


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    you can get a afr head and cam package that will make about 420 rwhp.
    above package is about 2500.
    youll also need some long tube headers and a aftermarket exhaust.
    if you were to get the hooker exhaust and coated pacsetter headers with a off road y pipe expect to pay about 800 bucks.
    add about another 1500 for labor and a dyno tune.
    2000 nhra edition formula
    a few bolt ons, 379 rwhp
    11.96 @113.25

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    Like its been mentioned before.

    Long tubes
    x-pipe or y-pipe w/cat-back of your choice
    ported TB
    ls6 intake
    Cam w/upgraded valvetrain and whatnot
    That alone should net you close to 400rwhp depending on the cam you go with

    Now to utilize the power, get some sfc's, lca's, suspension, TA, etc.

    Also...are you an automatic? If'll want a torque converter. Probably somewhere in the 3500 stall range but thats up to you.

    If you want forced induction, get the kit of your choice. Remember that F.I isnt cheap though. You'll have to uprade your fuel system, and get all of the little things like guages, a wideband, etc. It adds up rather fast. If it were me I would get a F.I kit (whatever it may be) 6.0l heads, get a z06 cam, upgrade my valvetrain, ported oil pump, ls2 timing chain, all of the misc stuff, and run about 7-8 psi and see somewhere around 450rwhp+. Its a pretty safe route for F.I on the stock block. Just my .02

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