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Man is this thing faster!

This is a discussion on Man is this thing faster! within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Just instaled pacesetter long tubes, ORY, K&N filter, MSD wires, NGK TR-55s, and a diablo sport. WOW can you feel ...

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    Man is this thing faster!

    Just instaled pacesetter long tubes, ORY, K&N filter, MSD wires, NGK TR-55s, and a diablo sport. WOW can you feel the power it picked up, very well worth the money. The header instal went very smooth, two small problems, somehow I managed to brake the ECT sensor which I will replace today and the other is that the headers are rattling against somthing. That I will take to an exhaust shop and have them look at it when they install a cut out. Also the car still has the stock cat back, sounds very different, but still too quiet, thats why Im going to go with a cut out.

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    nice man

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    ill bet its the y pipe hitting the floor board. have them heat it up and bend it alittle.
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    What is an ECT sensor?

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    Engine Coolant Temp sensor. Its definately the y pipe hitting the floor board, might need to have it bent or something. Here is my new terrible problem, I was using the diablo and went to go to the tuning side and all of a sudden it would not connect. So I tried to instal the factory tune and that wouldnt work either, so then I went to erase the custom tune and try to instal the factory tune and it erased but would not instal. Now the car will not start and the tuner will not flash the computer, I REALLY need some help.

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    You say you broke your engine temp sensor, wich is probably why your car wont start if you havent replaced it yet?

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    No, actually it does start without it, but yes I did replace. I know the problem is that the computer is pretty much erased, therefore it doesnt know when to fire the plugs or injectors or anything. The problem is though that the predator will not let me reflash the factory tune, and diablos TECH SUPPORT SUCKS!! Everytime I call I'm on hold for 30mins, then I have to get off the phone or somthing, like right now, I'm on hold and have been on hold and they close in 4 mins, I bet they dont get to me or somthing.

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    You say that you can really fell the power.This question have nothing to do with the car not starting,I just wanted to know if you have gotten it tuned yet. If not you might have a lot more power to gain.

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    Nice man, glad you like it.....Make sure and get ya a lid


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    Glad to hear that you're pleased with the install and that you see a noticable improvement.

    I'm having Edelbrock ceramic coated headers and two Magna Flow mufflers installed the 1st week of April... I can't wait. Also having a Comp Cam 54-426-11 222/224 duration .566 lift 112 LSA and Yank TT3000 torque converter, new plugs and wires (I think that's it?) having all this done that 1st week of April.

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