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Maf Problem???

This is a discussion on Maf Problem??? within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I installed GMS 85mm MAF on my 00' SS 6 spd only to be told it would'nt help but hinder...make ...

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    Maf Problem???

    I installed GMS 85mm MAF on my 00' SS 6 spd only to be told it would'nt help but hinder...make the car run lean!?!

    I ran the car for about 300 miles with the aftermarket MAF.So the other day I installed the stock MAF without screen and the car threw a check engine code.I put the GMS back in and still have the code.

    I talked to a GM guy who assures me that if I put the stock one back in the car will run better and that all I have to do is have him shut the code off and all will be fine,he says the computer in the car was reacting to the sudden change in airflow and that those codes take forever to clear if not shut off.

    I'm just looking for some verification???

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    The Granatelli MAF's are very debateable on these boards. Some hate them while some don't have a single problem with them. As far as making the car run lean, I don't know. I don't think anyone has actually proved that yet with dyno tuning. But some have claimed to have picked up some RWHP with them. Don't know about your codes though.

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    Yepp that could go either way, i know a few people i have tried too talk out of replacing there maf, your current maf is just fine until you up the hp quite a bit. The code you threw was due too your aftermarket maf, you can either have it scanned and deleted or try resetting the comp by disconnecting your neg battery cable, if none of that works then i would drive it on the highway for about 20 miles or so and it should go out.
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