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LS6 intake swap

This is a discussion on LS6 intake swap within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have a stock 99 LS1 TA. So from what I understand here all I need to convert is the ...

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    LS6 intake swap

    I have a stock 99 LS1 TA. So from what I understand here all I need to convert is the LS6 manifold and some coolant port plugs... or do I need other items to get the performance, i.e throtle body, injectors etc? Will all of my components fit off of my old LS1 intake?

    Maybe I missed it in the read somewhere?

    I am a total newbe at this but have heard about the low $$$ performance the swap creates and am seriously considering it.


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    You don't need the new coolant lines, if you want to save money and technically keep the "better" system you have you grind or chip off the fins on the underside where the existing lines are to make it fit (takes no more than 15mins). You also have the opsu sensor that has a hose that goes behind it to the brake booster you need to disconnect that sensor and pick the manifold over it or else it will brake and you are out $50.00 for a new one.

    In one instance the damn clip was facing the manifold and since it was a tight spot I couldn't my fingers to un-clip it. If it comes to that you have two choices pull the manifold forward and break the opsu and replace it ( You will also need an opsu socket if you do this). Or you get a razor and cut the hose where it connects to the manifold. Frankly cut the hose if it comes to that-way cheaper.
    You also need a block off plate for when you remove the egr, or you can spend $240 more and get an ls-6 from slp with the egr fitting.
    This how to is great it just neglects to tell you about the opsu

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