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LS2 Intake? Worth it?

This is a discussion on LS2 Intake? Worth it? within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I can get a LS2 intake for $100 and was wondering if it is worth it? What kind of gains ...

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    LS2 Intake? Worth it?

    I can get a LS2 intake for $100 and was wondering if it is worth it?

    What kind of gains would I get?

    Would I have to get a 90mm TB?

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    Is it interchangeable with LS1/LS6 intakes?

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    it is compatible with the ls1/ls6 engines, but the injectors are not, and to use ur injectors u need a spacer of sort, and yes you would need a 90mm throttle body, imho, not worth it, becuz u'll have to spend $400 on a new throttle body, spend the 400 on a ls6 intake, you'll make more power even with a stock 75mm throttle body on it

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    wait i thought the LS6 had an 8omm TB port on it. can you run a stock LS1/SS TB on an LS6? if so would you need an adapter plate? I myslef am, looking into an LS6 intake as my next mod to help my car breathe better with the cam i installed a week ago.
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