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ls1 vs traditional mouse motor

This is a discussion on ls1 vs traditional mouse motor within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; so i have a 69 camaro and im debating between swapping in an ls1 with a t56 which is looking ...

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    ls1 vs traditional mouse motor

    so i have a 69 camaro and im debating between swapping in an ls1 with a t56 which is looking to run me around 6500-7000 with install, or a more traditional mouse, a 350 sporting roughly 450 HP also backed by a t56. i like both ideas, and this is going to be a daily driver, so im not sure which way to go. ls1 is more reliable and gets 22+ mpg and i could run low 13s, but the 350 with the t56 would only cost around 4500 and i could install myself, plus i could get around 16mpg, and get a warranty on the engine, unlike the LS1. what do you guys think

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    really, it's up to you. the SBC will slide in with no problems and be able to get all the parts you need (headers, engine mounts, etc...). if money, and ability to do it yourself with minimal issues is the concern, then go with the SBC. if you have some time to do this, then go LS1. this has been done by a couple of people, so finding headers and conversion mounts, etc... can be found.
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    Gen III is probably the best motor design to date but it sure is easy to fit a Gen I in an older car. I looked until I was sick of it and finally decided on a Gen I 383 (4bolt roller cam block, GM fastburn heads, Scat forged crank and H-beam rods for $4300) for my '73. My second choice was an LQ9 from Turnkey for $6300+S/H. Hopefully within a few month I'll be able to take it out and light her up. I'll probably second guess the decision many times but once I'm done throwing money at the '73 I'll get stupid on mods to my '02 T/A and have the best of both Gen I and III worlds. Probably be single by then but as I recall single was fun back in the day.
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    GEN III All the way.......SBC's are out of date...[I am older BTW] You will love it in a 69 Maro.
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    I'd go with the LS1. Far better engine IMHO.

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    ehhh it all depends, the 350 in my 69 is awesome. The only reason i am taking it out for an ls2 is because i want to twin-turbo it down the line, and with a fuel injected car it would be way better to tune have a few different maps for like racing or cruising. The forced induction carbs can be tuned but it is less work with a fuel injected motor.
    If you don't plan on on going forced induction go with the older model sbc. It is way cheaper to build a stout gen than a gen III though the gap is closing down in price.
    It also depends if it is going to be your daily driver.
    My 69's 350 made 416whp 428wtq. It was an awesome idle sounds bigger than what it really is..........i love it. I drive my 99 around and i know i am missing something.
    It all depends on the feel you are looking for. Sure the ls1 is an way more efficient engine and a bit more civilized, but the build is what makes the engine better.
    I could go on forever, it all depends on the outcome you have in mind and what you like.

    Just remember that a modified ls1 and modded gen 1 both drink gas up, plus there is no proof that one breaks more than the other. I've had more problems with an ls1 than i did with any of the carburated engines i've had.
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    fuck the gen 3, get a 502
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    Quote Originally Posted by nhraformula View Post
    fuck the gen 3, get a 502
    i love your comments nhraform

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    GMPP 572 cubes and 720 horsepower!!!! Sorry, that wasn't one of your options but I like both. The old 350's have proven themselves to be very dependable. They have been the #1 seller for street rods!!

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    I like the gen ones from the point of billions of after market parts that are cheap and easy to get, I can fix them with a few basic tools, easily found in any wrecking yard, any builder worth their price can build a decent one. NO COMPUTERS!!! I still like carbs and the basics.

    The gen 3s are fun just need a different touch.

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