I'm building a tube frame rock crawler, which will be powered by an LS1 motor. Someone over here that's also into the rock crawling scene has told me that I will have oiling problems with the LS1 because in Australia we have a front bulge sump and the oil pickup is also in the front of the sump. This means that when I put the buggy on a steep vertical angle for a climb (it's front mounted) there will be no lubrication to the motor.

Can someone tell me what they think of this theory?

He's suggested I get the following parts to convert the sump to a rear bulge with pickup at the rear.

Number: 12581810, OIL PAN, Corvette - 6.0L 2005
Number: 12558750, OIL PICK-UP, Corvette - 5.7L 1997 - 2004
Number: 12558189, DEFLECTOR ,
Number: 12570788, INDICATOR ASM-OIL LVL
Number: 12570787, TUBE ASM-OIL LVL IND

I've found the parts at Fred Bean's parts and GM Parts Direct but neither of these guys ship to Australia.