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LS1 Granatelli MAF Sensors

This is a discussion on LS1 Granatelli MAF Sensors within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Thank you everybody... I am opting not to go with the MAF. I'll send the money elsewhere........

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    Thank you everybody... I am opting not to go with the MAF. I'll send the money elsewhere.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJ2002WS.6 View Post
    Thank you everybody... I am opting not to go with the MAF. I'll send the money elsewhere.....
    You can send it to me if ya want

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    Good choice, .....I did lid and Maf(Gmaf with cold air tuning) as my first mods. It was ok till I did my LT's and True duals. Then I kept getting the lean code. Put my stock maf back in and no more codes.
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    I'm not really 4 or against an aftermarket MAF, but here's a short story...
    When I bought my car (used) It had stock Z28 airbox w/K&N drop in filter. After I got the car home I realized it had a Granatelli MAF so I drove the car around as is for a couple months or so and had no problems. So I decided to put on the FIPK that the previous owner put in the trunk when I bought it.
    Soon afterward the car started throwing codes...(bank01lean, bank02lean, maf out of range) One or two or all would pop up every so often (once a month maybe) So I don't know, maybe I should try a stock MAF...
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    My car occasionally misfired with the GMAF. Got real bad when it would rain to the point of being almost undrivable.

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    The Granatelli Maf tuned for cold air was causing mine to run rich but it seem like it did have a little more power around the 3500rpm and up but could not tell for sure with out a dyno. If you still want one have a brand new one that was on for a day. $150.00 for it.

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    Just for what it's worth

    I already had SLP long tubes, 3:70 gears and the Predator tuner. After the header and Predator installation I had a "check engine" light show up so I took it to a Chevy dealer for a diagnosis and they said it was running lean. It never missed or ran bad and I was doing high twelve seconds in quarter at 111 mph. I installed a Granatelli MAF, no other changes unless it was pump gas or atmospheric conditions, did my best time of 12:47 and 113. I used the Predator to enrichen the mixture and the check engine light went away. Although I'm still solidly 12:6 12:7 I've yet to break 12:6 again, even after going back to what I thought was the lean setting. Nor has the check engine light come back on. I even tried a throttle help as far as I can tell. Go figure! Make of of this what you will but it's the truth as I know it. Sam

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