ok so a friend of mine wrecked his ws6 and gave me his borla muffler from his borla adj system. i have the slp lm2 system to i wanted to incorporate the borla muffler into my lm2.
So what i did was take the LM2 muffler off and ran 3 inch pipe in place of it. Then i removed pipe from the back of the system and put the borla muffler in place of that.
Here is a little sometihng i came up with to help you see what im talking about, hope you could follow along with it.

I well put a pic up tomorrow of the end result. but what i want to get at is that even though i put the borla muffler on and no restrictor plates the exhaust sounds exactly the same as before i put the borla muffler on. and to think that people spend so much money to have the same sound slp has. and when you do open up the plates it makes the car pretty quiet.