Several years ago I installed the SLP Loudmouth. Other than the drone, i like the sound and am happy with the setup. I did see how crappy the factory Y pipe is and figured at some point I'd swap it out. For Christmas, my wife bought me the SLP Y pipe, and wanted me to have it installed. It was winter, cold and icky out. My garage isn't heated and I use jackstands, so I took it to my mechanic and let him do it. I don't drive it much, but have been a lot more since summer is here. When headed to a July 4th cruise it, windows down, I started noticing a rattle. Sounded like it was coming from under the console, and it seems it only happen when the engine powers down to idle, or I'm getting into a tight spot, like the garage. I put the jackstands under it this afternoon and took a peak. Everything looks tight and correct. Nothing I could shake rattles, all bolts are tight. The new Y pipe hangs down more than I had wanted, but it has no adjustments, it is where it is. There is a brace, has a small hump on passenger side and tighter notch on drivers side that the exhaust is actually resting on. The drivers side pipe touches, the passenger side has about 1/4" clearance. I suspect thats where the rattle is, its in about the right spot. I checked the rest of the exhaust. everything seemed good. I did try to lift it a tiny bit on the hanger behind the passenger side wheel, thinking it might help a little. I notice that both my tips are almost touching the lower bumper panel now. I can't remember if they did that when I first did my install, but I don't think so. In some pics I have of right after the install, it looks like I have some space there, where I don't know. If rattles didn't irritate me so much, I'd just ignore it. I know this identical install has been dome hundreds of times, and I'm hoping someone can tell me what they did to fix it.