Ok, so I posted a thread about a month ago, and got a lot of help, but none of the suggestions seemed to fix my problem... I changed out the plug wires and plugs themselves, I installed 8.5mm MSD superconductor wires with a set a NGK TR55 Iridium plugs... The passenger side (2,4,6,8) will not fire, and I have tested everything, from changing plugs, resistance reading the wires, voltage readings on the coils, and am at the point of attempting to replace the wiring harness. It was also brought to my attention that there is a relay that seperates the banks wilth two inputs, one for drivers side and one for passenger side. My question is, should I attempt to change out the wiring harness first or the relay? It looks like it shall be a pain in the ass regardless, but it is worth a shot. I'm looking to get the ignition fixed so I can get rid of the car, as I am looking to upgrade to an 02-04 C5 FRC next spring... Any Help?????