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i may sound like a loser BUT....

This is a discussion on i may sound like a loser BUT.... within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; like a 150shot kit...

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    like a 150shot kit

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    On my previous car a 2002 firebird I had Pacesetter Headers and ORY. Overall I was happy with them and work decently with MS4 cam. The only issues that I had where that they starter showing some rust spots pretty quick and installation of the driver side header where I had to grind of a casting tab in the block for them to slip in.

    My current car has AHR 1 7/8 primaries 3" race collectors and 3" catted Y. The build quality of this set up was tops and far superior than the pacesetter. Installation was a breeze also as they slid right in which I was surprised about considering the larger primaries. I have heard of people having to undo the motor mounts and jacking the engine to put other brands 1 7/8 headers. Not here. I did have to clearance the K-Member a bit but that was all. Y-Pipe fitment was also excellent and better than the Pacesetter ORY even though the AHR pipe is catted.

    So in the end you get what you pay for. I went the cheap route on my previous car as it was mostly a racer but decided to go a different route on this car. Either set up will be fine is just a matter of budget and goals. 10 years from now my current exhaust will still be looking good, where the pacesetter will look like the cast iron manifolds that it replaced big hunks of rust.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 98Z28importslayer View Post
    I really wonder what the magic HP number is that makes any type of gain with going QTP, kooks, or hookers over pacesetters ? on stock cubes im going to take a shot at not seeing much gain intell your 500hp +. If you look at the header poll on this forum pacesetter ceramic coated LTs won by far by popularity. Go with the pacesetter Lt's and take the money you saved from not buying kooks, hooker etc. and go buy some more mods
    On at least an agressive H/C setup, a high quality merge collector header will make more power. Wether thats 1 ,5, or 10+ HP, that depends on the setup. Is that the reason to spend more money on them over Pacesetter? No, you're paying mostly for the higher quality header thats not going to start to rust in a year or two.

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