I'm currently trying to find out a solution to this particular problem that keep sending me in Loops. I'm having problems in my high RPM band around 5500+. At 5500 i get a hesitation and sometimes a nose drop in that range and if i hit the rev limiter which is set at 6200 the car will start missing for about 15 seconds and clear up on it own without throwing a code. When running the car WOT i still get the same hesitation around 5500 until i shift into a diffrent gear and this happens through ( 1st-5th) gear. I've changed my Fuel filter, spark plugs, plug wires and fuel pump. The car use to run fine until i put nitrous to it 7months ago. It ran fine for a while with the nitrous until one day i went out to drive it again and noticed that it was doing that. And like i just said it still runs strong down low until i hit that spot. If anyone can help me out. It wouild be greatly appreciated. And last but not least could it be in my timing because It seems like i'm running a little rich also. Real strong fuel smell.

1999 Camaro SS (M6)