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Hey guys...looking for some feedback pls help

This is a discussion on Hey guys...looking for some feedback pls help within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have 2002 ta w/ 6000 miles and next month I plan on doing the whole header thing.I have gmmg ...

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    Hey guys...looking for some feedback pls help

    I have 2002 ta w/ 6000 miles and next month I plan on doing the whole header thing.I have gmmg exhaust system on there now with the stock manifolds. I am in the process of buying pacesetter headers ceramic coated and have them professionally installed b/c I do not have time or patience to do it myself.I want to get the best bang for the buck so with these headers and my gmmg exhaust what else do I need to buy to make this transaction complete? I would like for this to go smooth as possible not throwing and ses codes etc. Do I need a ORY? yes or no.....o2 sensors? New plugs and wires?? NGK55 plugs and wires be good with this setup? Really need to know what else I need for the whole header-exhaust transition.Thanks for your help...

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    headers, either ory or catted y pipe, you dont really need o2 simes as you can get them deleted from the computer when it is tuned afterwards, plugs and wires are just a good idea to do when you do headers because its so hard to get in there and change them, but while your manifolds are off it is really easy and convieniant. thats about it, i would def. get it tunedf afterwards for perfomance as well as having no ses codes popping up

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    I agree with baseball, If your not planning on tune anytime soon heres what you will need, ory, or catted y pipe, 02 sims for the rear sensors if you go ory, 02 harness extensions bc your sensors will be farther down pipe. New gaskets dont use those pos paper gaskets. I would also reccomend using band exhaust clamps instead of those u bolts they send with the kit but its your call. Ask your instailier if he/she will take care of the common knocking y pipe issue and if so great if not go ahead and order a mufflex bumpstop. ""
    If i left anything out please someone fill in the blanks...
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