Now this is of course all theoretical, but I had some questions now that the headers are waiting for me to install them on the car. I will only have basic intake and full exhaust mods (with a catted y-pipe) after this, but are there typically emissions issues to contend with? I have seen dyno tunes advertised where the rear o2 codes are deleted from the pcm. Does this show up on an emissions scan as having been deleted from memory completely, or will the car now pass regardless because the computer is tricked into being happy? Will simply a good tune with the cats installed pass emissions? FWIW, I bought the 1 3/4" ARH catted package.

I was just wondering because I am sure there have been countless members of this forum and others who have contended with this before. I eventually want to put a fairly stout heads and cam package on and imagine that will be a serious hurdle when it comes to emissions. If I can't pass, it becomes a track car until I'm no longer obligated to go I guess. Any ideas, suggestions, tips, etc. on a theoretical basis?

Thanks in advance for the advice.