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Header Install/Lifting Vehicle

This is a discussion on Header Install/Lifting Vehicle within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I agree on safety being first. When we did my headers we were pretty stupid. 2 of us laying under ...

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    I agree on safety being first. When we did my headers we were pretty stupid. 2 of us laying under the car yanking and pulling around on the exhaust. Amazing the car didn't come down on us. At one time it was moving so bad my wife started screaming for me to get out from under it. Stupid. The smart thing would've been to get the headers in place then lower the car a bit before finishing everything up.
    That said, it can be done on jackstands. I've done it a few times. You'll have to raise the front, then raise the back on stands then raise the front again to get clearance for the headers. Once you have the headers in place you can lower the car to a safer working level to finish mounting them and putting the exhaust back on.

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    On mine.. thats what I did.. on my friend's 00 T/A.. I only jacked up the front..put it on stands... then when I had to put the headers is.. jacked it up a little more.. to get them up.. then brought it back down.. was surprised I didn't have to touch the rear...
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    Well wen i did headers i used the ramps u c at autzone for the front and than linkonloged 2 4x4's underneath that each ramp. I mean it was sturdy enough, and the job was accomplished, but i did not like working like that and i personally will not again. Bottom line though the job can be done w/o a lift.

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