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Header Install

This is a discussion on Header Install within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hi All,If I were to install long tube headers and a Magniflow cat back as well as rear cat syms,wouldI ...

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    Header Install

    Hi All,If I were to install long tube headers and a Magniflow cat back as well as rear cat syms,wouldI face any tuning issues or could I just drive off into the sunset without any more mods?Thanks,BR427.

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    depends on the type of headers. if you do a set of headers with egr and air ports and you get a y-pipe with cats and rear O2 bungs you should be fine, but a tune would get the most out of it. if you do a set of long tubes with no egr or air provisions and you do an uncatted y with only front O2 sensors you will have to get a tune to turn the SES light off and get the full potential out of them.

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    The rear O2 sensors do not affect the performance of the car, but will throw a SES light if you do not use them or eliminate the cats. The front O2's will affect performance. Most people use Bosch 13111's, as they have a longer wiring harness. This eliminates the need to splice, which usually causes problems. Any elimination of emissions equipment will trigger a SES light. It will not affect performance however. The SES light can be tuned out. Frost - a site sponser - does mail order tunes at a great price. I would recommend getting one of his tunes after doing your exhaust, as long as you don't plan any more mods for a while. Otherwise, I'd wait until you do all the mods, then get the tune.

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    +2 A mail order tune from Frost is a great investment -- you'll not only have your tables optimized for your mods, but you can tune out codes that would otherwise set your SES and other parameters are also tweaked, especially if you have an A4 equipped car. We run Kooks LT's on our car with a Kooks catted Y-pipe, and a Magnaflow catback... love the sound!

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