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Harmonic balancer

This is a discussion on Harmonic balancer within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Just wondering if anyone here has changed one of these out. If so, what did it entail and how hard ...

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    Harmonic balancer

    Just wondering if anyone here has changed one of these out. If so, what did it entail and how hard is it? Thanks.

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    its pretty easy. the bolt is Very tight, so it might be hard to break loose. when I did mine I slid a prybar through one of the hole and under the motor to keep it from turning over and broke it loose with a 2 foot 1/2" drive breaker bar. then used a pully puller( you might need to grind some off of the puller jaws to get between the pully and front cover)
    get a longer bolt to start the new balancer on (if you use the standard length bolt you might pull treads out of the crank)
    once the balancer is close to being in position use your old bolt to force it back on the crank, then put locktite on the bolt and torque it back down.....i think it 240ft lbs

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    fairly easy and straight forward swap. I would recommend making an installer out of some metric threadstock (m16x2.0pitch) and a few nuts and washer stack to push the pulley on. It just removes the chance of stripping the crank and makes getting that pulley on there very easy. The factory bolt is a torque to yield bolt so you have to use a torque wrench with an angle gauge or I went with an ARP balancer bolt and torqued to 240 ft/lbs.

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