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fuel pressure regulator?

This is a discussion on fuel pressure regulator? within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; i've been having a problem with my car cranking after it's sat for a while, over night or a few ...

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    fuel pressure regulator?

    i've been having a problem with my car cranking after it's sat for a while, over night or a few hours
    i noticed that if i turn the switch on & off a few times it will crank right up
    doesnt seem to be the fuel pump because it runs as always,runs great, no codes,etc.
    just seems like i have to get the fuel pressure built up then it'll crank & run fine
    seems like it's loosing pressure on the fuel rail
    how would i know if it's the fuel pressure regulator
    i wouldn't think it was the fuel pump or seems performance would be down,sluggish or run rough

    any ideas????

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    Have you replaced the fuel filter recently? If not, I'd start with that. If so, check to see what pressure you are getting at the rails when you first turn on the key, without starting the car. You should see 58-60 psi.

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    check the fuel pressure at the rail like Knight mentioned. also put the guage that you can see it when you turn the key on (priming the fuel pump). the pressure should go up to like 58-60 and stay there after the pump stops priming. If it doesn't you have a leak somewhere. mine was in the flex tube of the fuel pump inside the tank. the car will start but it takes alittle longer sometimes. Here is the videos of what it looks like when mine was leaking pressure.

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