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Fuel Injector Question

This is a discussion on Fuel Injector Question within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have pretty much converted my 2000 LS1 to an LS6-plus with heads, intake, cam, and also have added long ...

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    Fuel Injector Question

    I have pretty much converted my 2000 LS1 to an LS6-plus with heads, intake, cam, and also have added long tube headers, larger MAF sensor, intake box without baffles. The cam is an LS6 with the lobe separation angle at 112 degrees (closer than OEM) to add torque (a Comp Cams grind for Katech) and 1.8 ratio Crane quick-lift AL rocker arms yielding total 0.050 lift of 0.585 on intake and 0.580 on exhaust. I have about 450 HP at the flywheel. My question is whether or not the OEM LS6 fuel injectors that are 9% larger than the OEM LS1 fuel injectors would offer any improvement in performance? I have used LS1 Edit software to load the applicable tables into the ECM. however I figure that GM must have used 3.6 gm/sec injectors on their LS6's instead of he smaller 3.3 gm/sec injectors on their LS1's for a reason. Thank you for your help.
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    do you know what duty cycle your injectors are running at now? they should be running under 85% to keep your motor happy.
    if you do need bigger injectors now, and if you plan on more mods in the future, id look into a slightly larger injector than the ls6 so you dont have to go out and buy another set later.
    you can try this one or look for another ijector calculator

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