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    Question final thoughts

    Yeah, so ive been debating over the past few weeks whether or not to get headers and a y pipe... I bought the car stock except for a flowmaster muffler which was already on it. a lid and the free mods are coming, but the first real mod would be the exhaust, which i want to install myself. I figure stainless hooker headers and an ory pipe. There are a few things stopping me though.

    First would be emissions, which in that case i would get a catted Y, but would i still pass with long tubes (cuz they do a sniff test as well as a visual test here... so idk if i would pass even with cats).

    second is the install itself; is there anything i should buy along with headers? stage 8 locking bolts so i dont have to constantly re-tighten everything. but what about things to keep the rattle down? Also what about the exhaust smell, would it leak inside the cabin? i dont want to die anytime soon from carbon monoxide poisoning.. also, i dont quite have the money for a cat back right now, so would a y pipe (ory or catted) fit on the stock pipes? i figure i could get it done in a weekend or so, so im not to worried about that. will headers fit with stock cats and stock y pipe? i could get it afterwords.

    also would i need a dyno tune? i know adding headers changes the A/F mixture, but how long could i drive it w/o a tune? ugh so much to consider... Top thing is emissions though! if i come up with anything else ill post it.. thanks. Im sure these have been asked a million times (mostly by me..) but i just want some final thoughts. Thanks

    edit: promise this is the last time i ask

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    any thoughts?

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    I'm not sure about passing emissions. I don't see why you couldnt pass with a catted y but I'm not totally sure, so take it with a grain of salt.

    You want to make sure to buy some o2 extensions because your stock o2 sensors arent long enough to reach the o2 bung on lt's. If you decide to get an 'ory' you will need o2 sims. I have Lt's with an 'ory' and I dont get any smell inside the cabin. I dont see why you should get any with a catted y-pipe. to make headers fit the stock y-pipe and cat-back would take too much fabrication to be worth it and be rather pointless IMO. I would at least get the y-pipe and headers and just have a shop make a reducer to fit the stock cat-back for the time being. Just make sure to replace it as soon as you can.

    Tuning depends on your future plans. Do you plan on ever installing a cam, tc (if auto) , ls6 intake, etc etc in the near future? If so, hold off on the tune so you can get it all done in one time. If this is the extent of your mods for awhile a tune will help, but its not needed. I've been running the stock tune for a year or so with lt's, ory, cat-back and an fipk and the car runs just fine. I just dont want to waste the money on a tune when I know I'll be getting more stuff done and i dont need it right now.

    Hope this helps.

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    It can be tough passing the sniff test because the LT's tend to richen the fuel at idle. I never had a fuel smell until the LT install and now it is noticable at idle and leans out as rpms go up. It would need a really good tune for idle air/fuel ratio. Also, you would have to have cats to pass the sniff test. I'm not sure of your laws there, but in places like California you can't even put mid or LT's on, due to it wouldn't pass the visual. We only have the connection to to pcm, no check engine light or code and you pass.

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