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Fast Intake Mainfold

This is a discussion on Fast Intake Mainfold within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I was going to get a Fast Intake Mainfold 92mm and a TB 92mm how much do you think rwhp ...

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    Fast Intake Mainfold

    I was going to get a Fast Intake Mainfold 92mm and a TB 92mm how much do you think rwhp gains over the stock ls6 intake for a 01 trans am. A4

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    You will need a tune to take advantage of the better flow. Also, an upgrade such as that is best paired with other mods, such as heads, cam, headers, etc... to realize what it is truly capable of.

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    Correct^^. Bigger cam, aftermarket/ported heads, long tube headers, all will get you more with the FAST combo. Infact on an otherwise stock car gains would probably be nill over the LS6.

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    I agree with above. I would wait on that MOD until you had at least long tube headers with cutouts or aftermarket catback.

    The more air that goes through a motor, the better. The intake will bring more air in, but that doesn't help when more air isn't being pushed out because of the limited stock exhaust.

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    As said above you will need supporting mods to tell or see a difference over a LS6. I have had customers spend $1000+ on a fast setup and see anywhere from 4hp to 11hp gains. But with supporting mods i.e matched heads and matched custom grind cam you can see a pretty good gain.

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    Ported I believe it will give you around 20 more rwhp

    404 Rwhp uncorrected @ 6400

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