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fast 90mm

This is a discussion on fast 90mm within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Originally Posted by UTVols98 My transmission has been having problems shifting at high rpm's. It sticks at 5300-5500 for a ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by UTVols98 View Post
    My transmission has been having problems shifting at high rpm's. It sticks at 5300-5500 for a second and then shifts. Will the shift kit correct that?
    if it's doing that try changing the transmission fluid. If you have a worn transmission a shift kit can damage it. so try the tranny fluid before you do a shift kit. mine was slipping at high rpm's and not shifting right and turns out I had messed a few clutches up pretty bad. oh well. I did a stage 2 rebuild and it does better than any stock one with a shift kit would

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    I'll definitely try new tranny fluid. It's been about 25k since I changed it anyways. I've been a little worried since the car has over 100k on it, but I hardly ever drive it hard. Really only does it when I'm manually shifting so when I race I usually leave it in O/D and it only does it from time to time then. Thanks for the tip.

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    i have a a4 with a 408 strocker motor. of course large cam and trick flow heads. i am running a 3200 stall and it works just great. every day driving is fine. its not like dumping the clutch at 3200.. its a flash stall speed of 3200. its different buddy. when you put your convereter in the car do a tranny cooler. alot of people may say its not needed. .just put one on.

    also go with the fast 90 setup. it'll save you time and money down the road. as in my case. i go the motor and i'm running a polished holley lingenfelter manifold and stock throttle body.. also i have short tubes with electric cutouts. now i regret not buying the fast 90 before hand.. just some advice.

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