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do i need to unplug the battery for these mods?

This is a discussion on do i need to unplug the battery for these mods? within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; ok so i FINALLY got my slp lid in the mail and im gonna install it this weekend (my first ...

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    do i need to unplug the battery for these mods?

    ok so i FINALLY got my slp lid in the mail and im gonna install it this weekend (my first mod ever). i'm also gonna cut out the bottom of the airbox for the FRA mod and install the fernco smooth bellows while im in there. my question is do i need to unplug the negative battery terminal while im doing these mods? i think i read somewhere that when you install air induction stuff it's important for the computer to "reset" so it can adjust to the new higher airflow. but i also remember hearing somewhere that if you unplug it, itl mess up the factory radio and i'll need some kind of special code to be able to use it again. is this true?

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    Yepp, i agree with kages...
    Since your gonna be disconnecting your maf i would recocmend disconnecting your battery. Long story but for some reason your comp is still active with the battery connected..
    As far as your radio, you should be good to go. Wont reset your codes so it will work when your done.
    Just my op. but i wouldnt go with a "highend filter". ex oil filter, bc of the issues many f body owners have been having with oil gettin on the maf and running rough.
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    Okay as for disconnecting the neg battery I agree. i didn't disconnect mine and I had no problems when I installed my lid.

    For the radio though yes it has a security function built into it. Not sure if it on by default or you have to turn it on.

    I bought my car used and it was on. They had a slip of paper in the paperwork in the glove compartment that had a 4 digit code when I unplugged my battery the radio came up and would not work until I entered that code.

    From what I understand if you don't know that code it is kind of a pain to get it unlocked. I remember seeing something on here a while back on a post where guy couldn't unlock his and someone had something you could do aside from calling the factory to get a special unlock code. Just search around for it. Also if you wait a day or so someone is bound to post below with some better info.

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    If you want to be safe go ahead and disconnect the neg battery cable - PCM reset is not necessary for a lid/FRA install though. Monsoons have a "theftlock" system but it has to be programmed in. Instructions on how to unlock it are in the stereo forum. Just search for "radio unlock"

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    no you dont have to disconnect the battery, just dont have the keys in the ignition. for the fernco, you may have issues getting the lid to seat right, so you're gonna have to trim. dont force it cause the clips will just pop off. just be sure to plug all the sensors in before u start it.

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    I put in my SLP airlid and my SLP 85 mm MAF withOUT disconnecting the battery during either of the installations and I have had ZERO problems as a result. It runs great.

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