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Custom Stainless Headers????

This is a discussion on Custom Stainless Headers???? within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; those look exactly like the ones on ebay huh...

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    those look exactly like the ones on ebay huh

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    Quote Originally Posted by krzykrl96 View Post
    so the/ PONTIAC TRANS AM LS1 346 STAINLESS HEADER /on ebay are no good, does anyone have them on here
    LPP and OBX(newer design) are not as good as ARH/Kooks but for the $$$$ they are a bargain.

    QTP are chinese made and have had some QC issues. I sent a set back to WS6 store because I could shine a light in the collector and see where it would leak because the weld did not go all the way around.

    Ended up getting the first ARH set that WS6 store sold......

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    All of the ebay headers are made by the same company in Zhejiang China. I was sent a set about a week ago as a sample. There are two companies that make these headers 1 good 1 bad. The ones the option sells are the same crap they all sell.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hi-Po View Post
    I don't know the guy, but I have read his posts. For one, he shouldn't be on this site pushing his product when hes not a sponsor. Two, I didn't see any reviews on his product or any hard information that what he was claiming with his headers was true.
    To all the guys that read my posts about the ebay headers I was just trying to inform people about them because i know. I also didnt mean to step on anyones toes by talking about my product. I didnt post a link or post prices i didnt even post pics I just wanted to let everyone know about a better option. I thought it was ok to talk about new products like on ls1tech I didnt intend to get any sales from it. Anyways Orion cleared things up for me and told me who to contact about becoming a sponsor which I may do in the future but until then I am just a dood that loves To all the mods just let me know and I wont even answer questions about my headers. I am not sure of the rules now shit I dont even know if what I just wrote is OK

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