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Consequences of Deleting EGR and AIR

This is a discussion on Consequences of Deleting EGR and AIR within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I understand that EGR and AIR can easily be removed and "tuned out" of the computer. My question revolves around ...

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    Consequences of Deleting EGR and AIR

    I understand that EGR and AIR can easily be removed and "tuned out" of the computer.

    My question revolves around what the OBDII port reads when this is done. Mine car is a 2000 and has ERG and I'd like to get rid of it (ugly).

    I'm also planning headers soon, and if I don't have to worry about failing safety I'd rather get ones without ERG and AIR.

    I'm not so worried about the visual, just what the OBDII shows....

    Please advise,


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    If your gonna get a tune which you should to optimize your car when putting on LT's, the tune will delete out EGR and AIR, also can tune out the cats if you choose catless Ypipe. So your computer should not throw any trouble codes. If you dont want to get a tune then get headers with the hook ups and Y pipe with High flow cats and you should be fine as far as trouble codes or passing emissions. Thats all i know im sure people here will tell you more.s

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    here in Dallas, removing the AIR and EGR wont be of concern for inspection. i have LT's on my car, no cats, and both EGR/AIR removed and have passed inspection just fine. with the tune, the tuner will be able to tune those out (meaning reads good, no errors) and no check engine light will come on. If you need a place to take it to, i can recommend a few. PM if interested for inspection after you have removed the AIR/EGR and installed the headers...

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    I have a 2000 also. they deleted anything to do with emissions when i had my car tuned.
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