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Cleaning inside of exhuast and cat... ?

This is a discussion on Cleaning inside of exhuast and cat... ? within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Didn't know where to ask but figured this is close enough. I have a good amount of oil in the ...

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    Cleaning inside of exhuast and cat... ?

    Didn't know where to ask but figured this is close enough. I have a good amount of oil in the catalytic converter (lowest spot on my bike) and its boiling off and making alot of blue/white smelly ass smoke when it gets hot enough... and the exhuast pipe is almost 45 degrees vertical so its not like i can prop the front of the bike up and let it drain out the back. sooo im going to have to take the cat/pipe off which shouldnt be to hard, all i see is 3 screws and a band clamp holding it all up, cats welded to the pipe though.

    my question is, once i get it off and drain it, is there something i can use to clean it out so it doesnt continue to burn? im sure the oxy sensor is just a fuckin mess at this point too. i figure water would be fine but i dont know how that will interact with the cat material... and im afraid soap or break cleaner would just destroy the cat.

    any ideas?

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    Run the bike till it's hot


    then clean the cat


    makes it really easy

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    its like $8 a can but yiu could use maf cleaner, its like brakekleen but leaves no residue. if its safe for your maf it should work fine in your converter, just let it dry out good before reinstalling.
    what kind of bike is it? do you know why it is getting oil in the pipe or where its coming from?

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    yea oil source problem was resolved lol... long storey but... theres jsut a pool of it in the cat and theres just no easy way of getting to it... and the fuckin band clamps holding the exhuast on are metric, almost stripped and rusted solid... have em soaking now but i couldng get it to budge.

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