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Bucks Down (low cost) LS1 Intake Performance Upgrade

This is a discussion on Bucks Down (low cost) LS1 Intake Performance Upgrade within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; After reviewing all the mods posted on this super website for bolt on stuff to make more power, I came ...

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    Bucks Down (low cost) LS1 Intake Performance Upgrade

    After reviewing all the mods posted on this super website for bolt on stuff to make more power, I came to the realization that there are good people advertising some good aftermarket products.
    But hey, what's stopping someone to just think the equation out and see just what you can extract from the venerable LS1 without mortgaging the house, (even though the mortgage is under water).
    Anyway, these are the things I did with the thought of seeing how little I could spend on the motor because 1. I'm in Commifornia and 2. my focus is on suspension first.
    Ok, in order of what I did.
    1. Removed induction lid and snapped out all the directional vanes. ( this took a whole 7 minutes and they broke away so clean it was almost like they were supposed to be removed)
    2. The filter tray I removed, then proceeded to break out the two areas directly under the filter so that I could expose more filter area to incoming air. (time about 10 to 12 minutes)
    3. The plastic framing that borders the upper side of the radiator, I cut a small section away to allow more air to bleed in. (that took about 8 minutes)
    4. I then removed the MAF screen and cleaned the MAF and TB. (15 minutes tops)
    5. I replaced the stock PCV with the 2nd gen unit that has no ball and large opening, just a small opening. (5 minutes)
    6. I blocked the TB coolant line. (I did this the same time I de-screened the MAF.
    I then took it to my friends shop where he put it on the programmer and re mapped it because I was slightly lean from 3000 rpm up to 5000. (30 minutes)
    I have an SLP LM 2 exhaust system on it and have no chance of headers do to Commifornia smog police.
    So maybe 30 to 35 minutes time and 12 bucks for the TB coolant block off, 6 bucks for the 2nd gen PCV.
    The SLP exhaust was the most expensive, my buddy charged me for materials and a 6 pack, which I drank half off anyway. (he did a super job making a splitter for both sides and tucking up away from ground stuff)
    That was 110 for the LM2 and about 70 bucks in mandrel bent tubing.
    The car performs so much better than it ever did coming from the factory and believe it or not, I picked up 2 or 3 MPG.
    Here are the intake mods I spoke of.
    If your thinking of doing some performance upgrades in the intake area, try these first as they did not degrade any performance and you might be surprised at what you get for a few bucks.
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