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Bolt Ons and efficiency

This is a discussion on Bolt Ons and efficiency within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I'm new to LS1 engines and had a question for some old pro's on here. First of all, I just ...

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    Question Bolt Ons and efficiency

    I'm new to LS1 engines and had a question for some old pro's on here. First of all, I just want to say that I'm not interested in modding anything internal on the engine, with the exception of the valvetrain. No heads & cam, bore & stroke stuff.

    What I want to know is, what are the top mods I can do to the engine to increase horsepower and ALSO increasy fuel efficiency? I know fuel efficiency is different than fuel mileage. Some mods can give you the ABILITY to use more fuel, but increase the overall efficiency of the engine. So basically we're looking at intake and exhaust? I have a lid on it. Would a new intake manifold be worth the money without doing heads and cam?

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    Pick the low hanging fruit 1st, get a lid, hi perf air filter, CAI if you don't have one already. A catback is cheap easy hp and new gears, 3.73 for AT or 4.10's for M6. Long tube headers and a new Y pipe are good but can be pricey if stainless steel. Most LS1 cars run rich from the factory so get a tune (needed if gears or headers added) and that will probably lean it out a bit and get you a decent hp increase a ported throttle body is very popular also. Power cost $$$ how fast can you afford to go?

    Don't forget about chassis improvement's, I added a strut tower brace, SFC's, new LCA's, a stronger panhard bar and new springs and the car really handles well is much tighter than new.

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    The real kick n the pants will come when you change the cam....

    High-ratio Roller-tip Rockers will:
    Increase valve lift
    Add power
    Save the valve-guides
    Eliminate frictional loss in valve-train

    16 roller rockers with a 1.85 ratio
    I'm out..
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