Well, I'm planning on making a custom fiberglass hood myself using my stock hood for the mold soon. It is a 94 z28.

I've heard and seen a few different methods of CAI's. Some using the fender, and most just staying a few feet beside the engine. I was thinking of a few ideas to get the most cold air since the hood will be a custom one as it is:

1. Make 2 equal pipes going to each fender. I'm not toally sure if that is possible to be honest(for the pipe to get there, that is).

2. Use 1 small pipe and just make it go towards the front of the car and make a boxed in area and let the pipe go threw it and open up to 2 filters almost right beside eachother and make my hood have the vents for it in the front.

There was another, but it slips my mind. So, what(not just between the 2 methods I used) would be the best way to get cold air for power gains? Keep in mind, this is my daily driver and I want it to stay street legal.