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the best CB exhaust

This is a discussion on the best CB exhaust within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Originally Posted by JRENIGAR Hooker all the way here. I had flomasters on my other car with mac mids and ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JRENIGAR View Post
    Hooker all the way here. I had flomasters on my other car with mac mids and ory and it was loud as hell and verry raspy. I have hooker lt's, TSP ory, and hooker muffler. Its loud when needed but crusing down the interstate at 70-80 you can barely hear it. It almost has no rasp period but has verry little between 2500 and 3000 at light throttle. I have no way of posting vids or Id do so. I wish someone on this board could post a vid and lived in memphis, tn I work there and would meet them to post a vid of my exhaust.
    I can't recomend the Hooker Catback.. I've got one and the Aerochamber muffler sounds like it has come apart inside. Rattles like a mother. I believe I'm just going to get a single straight 3" in/out muffler for the street and open the catback at the track. The Hooker catback was nice while it lasted though?

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    I like my corsa. However everyone has there own tastes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Luos View Post
    Just as a heads up....

    A friend had QTP longtubes and y-pipe, along with the the GMMG. It was too raspy for his tastes.
    Since changed to a true dual (magnaflows) set-up.
    same setup i have, when i first installed my headers with a catted y, it sounded awesome, no rasp. then i bottomed out and crushed a cat (which i then had to gut until my TSP y came in) and it was raspy as hell like that. so basically im saying that with the right y, this set up sounds amazing, and thats why collector GMMG cars have this exhaust.

    Quote Originally Posted by 99z-28 View Post
    I have borla and love it you can adjust the sound (backpressure) with plates or make your own sound by drilling holes in the blank plate. I have also heard gmmg and it dose sound very sexxy cant go wrong either way
    and thanks chris

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