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BBK under drive pulley

This is a discussion on BBK under drive pulley within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I've read a few things here, both pro and con, about underdrive pulleys. My friend has one and he'll sell ...

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    BBK under drive pulley

    I've read a few things here, both pro and con, about underdrive pulleys. My friend has one and he'll sell it to me for $80. My car is a street driver, very limited track. Will I notice the small gain for the street? He said he noticed a big difference in rev speed when it was on his '99 'vette. I've seen here to expect ~8 HP gain, with some issues of running a bit hot at idle and maybe an alt issue if all accesories are on when I'm idling (FB jones).

    I also see ~10HP gain for an LS6 intake, which I'm currently looking for. I'm thinking for the small gain I'd have in the underdrive pulley (plus new belts) that'd it worth it.

    Any other opinions?

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    Not much gain from my point of view. It's all hype. You may see 2hp on a dyno and no real change with your accessories so I would not waste my time and money if I were you. JMHO
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    Agree. I guess if you are trying to eek out every last available erg of power, you'll save a few with an underdrive pulley. If you do choose to install it, be sure to purchase a new GM or aftermarket crank bolt.

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    For the cost of UD's there is other power adders that produce much better output of HP.

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