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This is a discussion on Battery? within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Ive been having trouble with my battery being drained overnight then have to jump it the next day. I replaced ...

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    Ive been having trouble with my battery being drained overnight then have to jump it the next day. I replaced the battery that was doing it at first and then the new one was still doing it, so i took it in to the dealership thinking it was something else. They said they unhooked the alt. starter, and pulled the fuses adn that the new battery is still the problem that it is pulling a draw some how. So they replaced the battery with another new and its fine. The new battery i put in was a interstate and the one they put it was a interstate also. So im a lil dumbfounded on this one. Could the battery still be pulling a draw after everything is unhooked and pulled?

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    so long as the battery is hooked up there will always be some amount of draw on it for the various electrical systems in the car although it's normally such a small amount that it's never a problem. if the battery is faulty or if there is a bad ground on the car then it will drain the battery as you are describing.

    in my experiences over the last 4 years i can safely say that i have seen a lot of garbage interstate batteries. i don't know what specs johnson controls makes the interstates to, but it doesn't seem to be a very high quality standard.

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    I had recently put in a new battery to replace the original that was ten years old. The new battery went dead after a few days. Thinking it needed further charging, I hooked it up overnight and the next day it was fine but the following day it was dead again. I took it back to the seller and they found, even though it was new, it had a shorted cell. Replacement is A-OK. That's not uncommon to have a bad new battery.

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    any aftermarket electronics on the car like a stereo or alarm?

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    I have that same problem, I'll get out and check things out but I also ordered and Priority Start 12 Volt Auto #PS 12Vauto battery low voltage cutoff from you connect it to the negative post of battery and when it detects a drain it disconnects the battery so that you have cranking power, it reconnects when you open a door, turn on lights or step on brake. I ordered it on Monday and it arrived on Thursday. It cost $74.00 and $81.50 with shipping. it is for side or top post. will install today and see how it works. Tired of drained battery.

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    I had an Yellow Top Optima battery brand new, it went out a few weeks later ironically. There supposed to be the best of the best. So I returned it and got a new one. Now its fine. Id check for any shortages. If you have a system check all wiring.

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    If everything is working properly, you shouldn't have a drained battery, even after long periods of sitting. I'd leave them sit for months without a trickle charger and they still cranked over.

    You either have a battery with a bad cell that won't take/hold a charge (not uncommon) or you have a serious draw on the system. Very easy to check.

    Hook your amp meter between the positive cable and positive battery terminal and see how much voltage draw you have. Start pulling fuses one at a time until you see the number drop, then you have found your drain source.

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    did this low voltage cut off work for your battery problem?
    im at a loss

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