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i got the slp loudmouth, and yeah its loud. but then again wouldnt u want ricers to know ur coming to destroy them before they see u.
well thats true but thats what i got the dakota r/t for. headers, no cats, true duals and dynomax bullets dumped before the axle. Very hard to live with on a daily basis so i want the Trans Am to be a little quieter. the combo of the T/A's looks and a true loudmouth is gonna have the cops chasing me all the time. They seem to leave me alone for the most part in the dakota. im probably gonna replace the slp resonator with a dynomax ultraflow 6" round muffler for the deeper sound. i just hope it will fit..... not sure how tight the space is around the slp muffler but im gonna need an extra 1" of clearance all around for a dynomax muffler.