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Anyone test LM I vs LM II at the track ??

This is a discussion on Anyone test LM I vs LM II at the track ?? within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I know the LM I can be a bit much for some. So SLP must have had a lot of ...

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    Anyone test LM I vs LM II at the track ??

    I know the LM I can be a bit much for some.
    So SLP must have had a lot of guys wanting them to tame it down.

    I just got a LM II muffler for testing, & was surprised to find that it is
    restricted inside. A 2.25" pipe is a little 'loose' when sticking it in the muffler, so I'm guessing the inside diameter is at what the inside diameter of a 2.5" pipe is, or approx: 2.37".

    So that's why they made the new LM, a 'modular' design, so you can switch out the LM II muffler when you what to make some power at the track. Or is it a 'marketing' move, to package the system in a smaller box ?

    SLP Quote on the LM II muffler:
    A bit milder without sacrificing that legendary SLP quality & power.
    A little quiter than the original LM I.

    Ok exhaust flow gurus... Will this perforated 2.5" pipe inside a 14" long, 4" diameter bullet muffler case, cause a HP loss ?? Or does SLP know their sh!t.

    Has anyone tested both LM I & LM II at the track to see if there's a power loss ??

    I have a 3" system on a 12.9x @ 107.xx car. I'll be testing this in the rear as a 'tailpipe', in my system. So it will be easy to make a few runs with it in place. Then a few more runs with it removed.

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    there wont really be that much of a performance difference. i have the LM1 and the resonator is just hollow. the performance difference between the two is really only about sound (w/the LM2 slightly more refined). one system or the other will not be faster than the other. they are both low/no restriction straight through exhaust systems...

    so, NO, no loss or gain in HP from one system to the other...
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