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Anyone know why they got rid of the EGR on the later models?

This is a discussion on Anyone know why they got rid of the EGR on the later models? within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I've been looking at deleting my EGR and getting the LS6 manifold for a while now, but the more I ...

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    Anyone know why they got rid of the EGR on the later models?

    I've been looking at deleting my EGR and getting the LS6 manifold for a while now, but the more I learn about the tuning of the engine and the function of the EGR, I wonder, what is the difference between the cars that do not have EGR and the ones that do?

    Do the 01/02 cars have some other feature that my 98 lacks which cools combustion temperatures/reduces NOx etc? Does the intake manifold (LS6) itself have a feature that does this, thus eliminating the "need" for an EGR (in order to comply with federal regs)?

    Is the EGR on my car just there for show? Or does it actually prevent the car from failing a sniffer test? Why do the later models not have it?

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    The cam shaft changed and with revised overlap, EGR was not needed.


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    no EGR shouldnt make you fail a sniffer, unless you have a lot of other non-emission friendly mods....functional cats should be just fine.

    EGR only kicks on when the rear O2s sense that the cats arent doing their job, and even then, only for brief periods. it also engages when your car is warming up, to help get it warm faster

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    I have a 98' and if you look in my signature you'll see I have LS6 intake and egr delete as well as LT's.

    IMHO the 98' cam with a LS6 intake runs and sounds better then the other yrs.

    Just my .02 cents....not trying to start a "which cam is better" war.....

    One more thing to add to what Dustin posted, sniffer test usually fail because of bad O2's/clog or fouled CATS, not because of EGR issues.

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