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for anybody thinking abotu gettting GMMG , here is my review +VIDS

This is a discussion on for anybody thinking abotu gettting GMMG , here is my review +VIDS within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; hi, I got my GMMG cat back a few weeks ago, here are two little videos: to access the vids, ...

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    for anybody thinking abotu gettting GMMG , here is my review +VIDS


    I got my GMMG cat back a few weeks ago, here are two little videos:
    to access the vids, just add the usal http

    I have a TA, 2002, 6 speed with 38k on the clock. The only other mod I have is a TSP lid , and the free ram air mod.

    I got the GMMG on ls1tech used for a really good deal, I recommand that you look for one used, they keep their value over time, and nothing can really go bad with them, no packing material, just asked for some good pics.
    try to get the optional tips too, as it would be a plus if you ever want to resale it.

    So here is my quest for exhaust explained :

    *Last March I got my TA, great shape everything perfect on it. ( just regular maintenance like rotors, oil, fuel filter....)
    1st think I told myself: this a quiet quiet car, It felt more like lie a high reving v6 than a v8.

    *Soon after, I decided I was not going to repeat the same mistake I did with my old shittyy camaro 92,
    so I join a local F-fody club (, great forum and club event, very goooood!), and start reading every thread on

    *Being on a budget I grabbed a hooker aero chamber muffler direct replacement, sounded good, I mean it has a distinctive sound to it, and that special sound is even more unique once you put LTs ( go to
    but It was still really quiet

    *still being on a budget I decided to get a simple cut-out from Jegs for 30$ and got it install for 30$, I was loud loud loud, especially on the inside, but there was no definition in the sound. except at WOT.
    got old really quick

    *then I decided to read all the exhaust thread , and came up with this in mind

    - I want to stay stock manifolds and cat
    - I want the best sound, loud but still civil quiet while cruising on 6th@ 75mph
    -I want a cat-back with really good resale value, I m sick of being parts , and then just end up wondering around in the garage !

    so I heard one of my friend GMMG on a stock ls1 camaro and it was exactly what I was looking for.

    so to decribe the exhaust:

    cold start: loud, driving the first minute I get 2 or sometime 3 nice backfire crack between 1st and 2nd gear ( OMG sound like hell )

    idle when car is not cold: louder than magnaflow, hooker, flowmaster, but still way quieter than loudmouth, true dual , open headers, etc...

    driving around town is heaven or hell depending on your rpms, especially if you have a manual, I get compliment everyday.

    NOW the most important for me was cruising on the highway at 75mph, well I get 88 decibel, its loud under load, some people consider it a drone but its nothing louder than my girl friend 99mustang gt with stock mufflers
    you dont need the stereo to cover it, you can carry a normal conversation,
    I m not going to lie, its there but you dont get a headache after 1 hour at that rpm ( 1800 rpm with y m6 @ 75mph)

    so to sum it up , this cat-back is loud, considered one of the most unique sounding for ls1, but its still ok for a DDriver and nothing compared to how loud LTs with ORY, loudmouth, True dual with sweet thunder or bullets, etc...

    I hope that if you are a newbie and never heard the GMMG , this review helped you a bit.

    alright going to class now .... stupid ACC102.....

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    Great write up, I have a magnaflow sitting here waiting to go on, but Im very cautious of it and might sell it to buy a GMMG. However, if I were to buy the GMMG, I would probably be broke for the next few months. What is your experience with the magnaflow?

    Also, could you provide a clip whenever of just revving stationary?

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    I didnt hqve the mqgnqfloz, but my buddy had it on two ls1 ss, with long tubes and ory, its really loud <<<<<<<<<<<<< and raspy unless you put a bullet in the I
    on a stock car , it sounds good, nothing special about it , distinctive, great quality and tips if you have a camaro ( not q fqn of the big slash tips on TA)
    but IMO its quiet, way to quiet at idle for me, <i like it loud ,
    just depend how loud you want it, let me know if you want more info and sound clip
    hope it help

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    Nice review.

    That GMMG is a nice sounding system.

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    damn...I shoulda got gmmg....fock

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    yes, well , next semester I might be going for a corvette, I ll probably sell the GMMG and accept payment with paypal, so if anybody is thinking about it for sometimes next year ,let me know and I ll keep it for you

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    Dammmm......GMMG is the way to go....sounds great.

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