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Another exhaust question

This is a discussion on Another exhaust question within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I was curious if anybody here has L/Ts, cut-out, and still kept the stock exhaust. Its an idea that I ...

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    Another exhaust question

    I was curious if anybody here has L/Ts, cut-out, and still kept the stock exhaust. Its an idea that I have been throwing around, and I wonder if ne one has done this, and could give me some feedback.

    I love an awesome exhaust note, but at the same time I have my days where I could really go with-out, so keeping the stock quiet exhaust and throwing some l/t's, ORY , and cutout seems to be a way for me to have my cake and eat it too.

    Also, what would you all recommend for doing this, bc I was thinking Pacesetter L/t's and a single 3" cutout

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    Lt's and Ory will open it up a bit under stock catback.
    Right now on my 01 i have pacesetter lt's ory, 3" cutout right befor the axle and a magnaflow muffler.
    I went with a manual cutout but you can always get an electric coutout.
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    I did exactly what you are contemplating before I went with true duals.

    Initially I had only the cutout with the stock exhaust. When open this was good for 15rwhp and 19lbs-ft rwt.

    I then had QTP LT's with a custom ORY (!cats) feeding the stock I-pipe onto which I had previously welded a QTP E-cutout. The balance of the exhaust was the factory installed items. Very mellow when closed. Very loud when open (at WOT).

    When I dynoed it the difference between the open and shut cutout was only a 3rwhp and 5lbs-ft rwt.

    In order to produce more power I ended up going with the LT's into TD's with an X-pipe feeding Magnaflow mufflers with 45 deg turnouts at the axle.

    BTW: If not for racing the car and trying to gain all it's got I would have left it with the LT's, cutout and balance stock.
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