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alternator not charging battery...HELP

This is a discussion on alternator not charging battery...HELP within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have a '99 WS6. A few days ago I noticed my volt gauge on the dash reading VERY low. ...

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    alternator not charging battery...HELP

    I have a '99 WS6.

    A few days ago I noticed my volt gauge on the dash reading VERY low. I have since bought a brand new battery...that wasn't the problem.

    I also had the alternator bench tested (at two different auto parts stores just to make sure) checked out fine and dandy.

    While I was removing the alternator (talk about a tight would take me 10 minutes max to take the alternator of my '73 Z-28) I accidentally broke the wire (or couldn't tell if it was already cut) that runs to the oblong, four prong clip into the alternator...four prongs but only one wire. It broke so close to the clip that I had no wire to work with so I ended up buying a new clip, spliced it, and installed that...I thought for sure that was the problem...NOPE. The alternator is still not charging the battery. I even checked all the fuses.

    Anyone, please offer some suggestions. I don't have the money to send it to a shop and have them poke around...I've been using my roommate's car who is in Iraq.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I've got a similar issue on a 98 Z28. How much did you pay for your plug and where did you get it? Does anybody know where that little exciter wire goes, or comes from??

    My little wire was broken about 2 years ago when I had my pulleys put on. The mechanic and I soldered/jury rigged the plug, and it was working fine since then. The car sits for months at a time now, and every time I take her out to play something is wrong

    Seems weird that your alternator checked out, I've heard that you can fry one by running it disconnected...

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    Is the belt in good condition? If so, sounds like a bad connection somewhere. I'd remove and clean all wires, and their places of contact. You need access to a tech II to check system voltage. If your voltage checks ok with a tech II, you may have something bleeding off somewhere.

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    all auto parts stores have a bench testing station. However, not all auto parts stores techs know how to use it. Sure, it gives you a warning light and tells you voltage, but it does not give you an amperage reading or tell you much else. There is a lot of sounds and reactions in the alt that can tell you that it is bad even if the machine is reading good.

    I defect alts out all the time that people say tested good at another store. Check your connections and check the belt for tension. after that see about getting it tested on the car. It may be reading low but not low enough for the machine to test it as bad.

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    Are your battery connections good and tight and clean? did you splice the harness correctly? Match up the right wires? Have the alt checked when its in the vehicle or grab a multimeter and do it yourself.
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